Thursday, November 6, 2008

Really save on gas

A while back my friend and fellow Chetak owner, Dave Cicco, told me about these guys in Asia that were mounting lawnmower engines onto their bicycles.
I looked into it for the fun of it and found out that you can buy these kits for a standard bicycle for well under $1,000.  Seems like the perfect vehicle for college students living in a college town, like my college experience at Humboldt State University.
I love the miles per gallon I get on my Bajaj Chetak, but without a doubt something with a small displacement like this would give even more bang for the buck at the pump.
I was quite intrigued when I finally saw one these bike with a engine kit mounted to it and made sure to take a lot of pictures so you guys could check it out too.  Though it's nothing to do with Bajaj, it's pretty damn interesting.

Photos taken from the Nihonmachi Festival in Japantown (San Francisco) 2008.

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sapna said...

what a nice idea. Thanks for sharing.
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