Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ride safe . . . away I go again

There is no reason to ride without protective gear. I spent $130 on both the helmet and the body armor jacket from the Motorcycle Superstore- actually it was my Christmas gift this year. It was a good deal. Of course, you can spend more if you like to, but I wanted to show all of you that money is not a reason to not ride without protective gear. most helmets cost more than what I paid for my jacket and helmet. Ride safely!

Bye again.

Oh and P.S. I have not stopped riding obviously.

I am now riding a 1979 Vespa P200. I wanted more power and speed and furthermore, the market is flooded with parts and the Italian-made parts seem to hold up much longer and the quality control in Italy is different than India. A beater commuter P200 can be found in the $1500 (Bajaj) range, but you should be comfortable with basic wrenching and the occasional maintenance (or hire someone). The P200 is considered the work horse of the scooter world and actually complete the Dakar Race and is now racing in Budapest-Bamako Race right now.


Ahmed Zaher said...

do you know where i can get rear brake shoes. mine bjaj has only 4K miles and they are telling it needs some? you can also email me

thank you for your time

materman mangangar said...

Your opinion is very good, same with me. Thanks

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mario taylor said...

Very interesting post. really informative. of all the blogs I have read on the same topic, this one is actually enlightening.


Croose Hackle said...

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Dernica Mandy said...
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Dernica Mandy said...
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Robert Jackson said...

Where i can get turn signal for bajaj chetak,thank you for your answer.