Saturday, December 15, 2007

Headlight problems

Here's a question for a potential column...
My headlamp doesn't work unless I turn on the high-beam, so essentially my running light isn't running. Are our bulbs dual element bulbs which may mean that only the one element has burnt out. If that's the case, changing the bulb should solve the problem. Or could this be a bigger electrical issue? I guess the easiest thing to do would be to pop out the bulb and check, but I haven't gotten around to it yet, mainly because I'm not entirely sure how to do it. Have you ever had to replace a headlamp bulb?

-- David

David, I do not believe the bulb is dual element. I remember years ago reading a Bajaj Yahoo Group post from president Al Kolvites that the high beam works off reflection and does not require extra juice from the battery.

The first place I would look is your switch, since the high beam does work. I have emailed Al Kolvites for advice and am waiting to hear back from him.

I believe the light bulb is an easy change. Refer to the parts manual, which you can download for free from

-- Jeremy

Problem solved (follow-up):
"So, I got a halogen bulb (had to order from a nearby motorsports super-store, $9.95) and I'm happy to say that it solved my dead running light situation. No need to investigate the wiring. I just put it in today so I'll be able to see the difference tomorrow night on my ride home from work. " -- email from David.

The halogen bulb is a great thing to invest in . . . see my "Safety first -- headlight" blog post.


Mike & Vicki Erps said...

I would like to know the outcomeof this post, I have changed bulbs and still have no low beam. High beam works good.

Scooter Couple said...


Reread the post -- I stated the solution that worked for David. He replaced with a halogen bulb and that fixed it. Though I am not sure why your problem exists after replacing the bulb.

Still no word from Al Kolvites yet.


Mike & Vicki Erps said...

Jeremy, problem fixed. My left turn signal quit working so I started tracing wires and found not just one but 2 broken wires in headset. some solder and electrical tape and both turn signal and low beam work again.