Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oil Change

The oil pictured above was recommended to me by my dealer, Mike Lawless, of Philly Scoots. I recognize that it is synthetic, which goes against the manufacturer's recommendation. But, Mike knows his stuff and he has brother have both raced motorcycles and worked on them for a long time. Mike also runs Yahamalube in his Chetak. I have run it in my bike and my wife's for years without any problems.
Changing your oil is a quick and effortless job. Above you will find the instructions on how do so with the amendments handwritten on it.

Note: when you put your cylinder valve cover on (1) ALWAYS replace the o-ring. It costs about $.40 cents at Ace Hardware. Better yet, buy the big-o-bag of o-rings from Harbor Freight Tools for $5.00 or when it goes sale for $2.00 and you will have an assortment of 200 o-rings on hand. (2) Hand tighten the cylinder head valve cover back down until your fingers can not move it. Now with a wrench tighten the smallest amount until the it is snug. Be CAREFUL as I once stripped mine because I wanted to make sure it was tight. Stupid. I had to have a local Kawasaki shop Heli-Coil it for me. Unnecessary mistake. Fortunately, it cost me less than $40 to fix.


Rik said...

Great blog!! I was wondering how to change my Chetak's oil so that I wouldn't have to take it to the shop. Now I know and it looks pretty easy. Do I need a new filter or can I just clean the filter? Good to know that a synthetic can be used (lasts longer). Great info.
Rik from Orange County, CA

Scooter Couple said...


Changing the oil is a cake walk.

You do not need a new filter. Just remove your filter and clean it with "compressed air" -- you can use a can of Duster used to clean your computer or an air compressor. And a micro-fiber rag can be used to polish it off. Don't use anything else.

Make sure to replace the black rubber seal from where you pour the oil in. It'll cost you 50 cents from Ace Hardware.

Glad the info has been helpful.


Matthew said...

Thanks for the info, I've been trying to find this information too for my Chetak. Once concern, I downloaded a manual for the Chetak that indicated oil should be added in the same hole where the dipstick goes. Have you seen or heard of this?


Scooter Couple said...

I have heard of the dipstick approach, but I don't use it. Use a funnel and it will work.

Advait said...

My bajaj chetak's engine is noisy. Once a mechanic made it less noisy, it was almost like I was riding a new one. But now its the same. It makes more noise & vibrates. How to overcome this engine's noise & vibration ?

Anand said...

Great blog indeed.
I am starting a bajaj chetak cub (3gear version) restoration this week. Any hints on how to change clutch?

Also any link to service manual.


Sagash Vasu said...

Hello sir,
What kind of oil can i use for bajaj cub.....Which one is best oil brand name it too....