Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bajaj self-portrait contest

After seeing this amazing self-portrait of "JustinScoot" from Stella's web page it dawned on me . . . host a Bajaj & owner self-portrait contest. I love this photo, because he looks like he should be scootin' along side Mel Gibson in the movie classics "Mad Max" & "Road Warrior".

Here's how it will work . . .
1) You and your Bajaj "BOTH" must be in the photograph
2) Entries must be emailed to jeremy at bassmonkey dot com no later than Mardi Gras, Feb. 5, 2008. Include your photo, full name, city, and state.
3) I will set up a survey on this blog for all Bajaj owners and blog readers to come and vote for the best entry
4) Winner will be announced on Valentine's day, Feb. 14, 2008

** Winner will have "bragging rights" and I will also email the information on to Scoot! Magazine in the hopes they publish the winner's photo. **

Another Stella owner, Gary Issac, created this 50's motif photo of his Stella, which can be found on Stella's friends web page.

I hope these photos and links provide you some inspiration (your's does not need to be like these).

I look forward to your entries!

Entry #1:
Bob Hartman
Rochester, NY

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