Monday, January 28, 2008

Hot Rod Al Pipe

I paged the Bajaj Yahoo Group to see who has a Hot Rod Al pipe and how it compares to Phil's POC pipe. The Hot Rod Al pipe is a little less expensive, but both are basically in the $300 range.

I asked riders to write a review of the pipe and include photos as well as a movie showing the speedo with audio of shifting through the gears.

Chris P., of Calif., responded and told me he planned to buy a pipe. I recently checked back in with him via email and this is his response:

"hey Jeremy, I installed the pipe today and it is awsome. It is loud but not too loud and I could real feel a kick in the horse power. I was also toping out at 55mph before 60 today so I am very stoked. I didnt get any photos of the install but it is very easy. I also did the tricks mod today. Hot Rod Al will probably not be making any more of the pipes so you may want to pick on up ASAP. Al is also going to a custom made 26 carb on it in a few weeks. I will try to send you photos and a video of the pipe." -- Chris

I look forward to Chris's review, photos, and video to share with you.


Jon Sverre said...


I have a Bajaj Chetak 125 classic. (2000 mod)I have no ide where I can buy a gaswire. I will be happy if anybody get me som links or e-mail where I can get it. please...

regards from Norway


Jon Sverre said...


Its OK now. I have got the right cable. Thanks anyway



bashobo said...

friend !

I want to study the engine of bajaj chetak 2003 model or around that and i want to see it on net and i want the engine pictures assembled and dismanteled and mechanism, how can I get it ? my email is

Bart B. said...

where can i find a hot rod al pipe? does anyone have one of al's or a POC pipe used?

Scooter Couple said...


I have no idea. Try the Bajaj forum, Scooter BBS, or Scoot dot net.