Thursday, July 3, 2008

Best Buy Ramp for $50

Heads up Costco is currently selling a PAIR of awesome ramps for $99 plus tax. Find a friend to go in with you and split the set or sell the other on Craigslist. At $50 you can NOT go wrong here. A ramp is also a useful thing to have around, especially at this price.

Stapleton, Inc. aluminum bi-fold ramp.

(1) Arched design ideal for loading items with low clearance.
(2) 600 lbs weight capacity per ramp.
(3) Working length 85 & 1/2" x 11 & 1/8".
(4) Folded size 45 x 11 & 1/8" x 5 & 3/4"
(5) Heavy duty safety strap included.
(6) E-Z to handle at 15 lbs.
(7) Aluminum construction.

This is a NICE ramp. I have seen it at a local motorcycle shop in S.F. for $150. Online it costs $55 plus $25 plus for shipping for something similar.

Folded it fits in the cab of your truck.

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