Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The end of this blog

Yesterday, I sold my wife's 2002 Bajaj Chetak. Last week I sold my 2003 Bajaj Chetak. She no longer was riding and has a fully restored 1967 Vespa SS180. I am in the process of restoring a 1962 Lambretta TV175. Without a doubt, the Bajaj Chetak was the perfect first scooter for us. Our bikes continue to run strong and who knows we may see them again in the future if we are lucky.

What I leave behind is hopefully some useful information for the newbie and novice Bajaj owner or a person considering entering the scooter world. This blog serves as the legacy of owning Bajaj Chetaks for nearly ten years.

The greatest wealth of help, information, and Bajaj family can be found at the Retro Bajaj Forum. The good folks there were my mentors and I owe them so many thank you's. They are friendly and loving like the Lambretta family -- not like Scoot BBS.

As you see in my binder, I have the parts catalog and maintenance manual. I recommend you download those now and create a binder and make notes. You can download those and more here at

I recognize that the Chetaks are not as popular as the Vespa Ps and Stella's, but arguably they are as good as a Stella. Hell they are both made in India for better or worse. A new 4-stroke Stella sells for $4200 from a dealer. I strongly encourage all Bajaj owners to recognize the value and reliability of their Bajaj scooters when selling and most importantly keep a fair price. A 30 year old original Vespa P200 in great condition still pulls $3000 with a lot of miles on them. There is no reason a good condition Bajaj should go for less than $2000 when it costs over twice as much for a new Stella 4 Stroke, which is a very similar bike.

I also stress to you that you purchase parts now that you think you will need in the future. And hold on to your old parts you replace. They may need to be repaired and used again in the future. There is a limited supply of parts available, what ever was left when Bajaj USA closed their doors. Used parts from busted bikes may be necessary some day.

Shops that may have parts:
San Francisco Scooter Centre (Barry G. is well stocked)
Scooter West (Steve)
Pride of Cleveland (Phil)

Take care of and your Bajaj. It is the perfect first scooter for those who appreciate the vintage culture.

I predict a long life for the Bajaj Chetak and know they will remain a steel workhorse in the scootering community.

Good bye "SCTx2" and "PUTx2" (our license plates on our Chetaks. All that is left of our bikes are the license plates, which hang in our shop and the fond memories and photos).

If you wish to learn where owning a Bajaj took me or you found this blog to be informative and you benefited from it you can see my restoration of a 1967 Vespa SS180 or the work in progress 1962 Lambretta TV175.


justin said...

Sorry to hear that you've moved on. I just bought my first scooter (2002 Chetak) yesterday. 1600 miles. Reading your blog and getting some info. Going to spend moretime on as well.

Aside from new sparkplug, wire, and oil change do you have any immediate service recommendations for a new Chetak owner? Thanks so much

Scooter Couple said...

Justin, buy the 120 degree NGK Spark Plug Cap and install. There is a how-to video on this blog for that. Later on you may or may not need a replacement flywheel. Buy it used off a 2003 or newer model if so. Other than that just ride and enjoy.

Alex BZ said...

Also sorry to hear about the end of the blog. I have recently acquired a 2 stroke Chetak. I saw your article about the 3rd hand tool. I was wondering if this: would do the same job. I can't seem to find a Pedro o Hazzo one in the UK.


Alex Lima, Peru

Jeremy J Sutton said...

Yes, that 3rd hand puller will work Alex.

James Feyereisen said...

Hey, please do not shut down this site.

I'm just starting to do all of my own work on my
2006 Chetak and I NEED YOU BROTHER.

Any chance, you're in the Los Angeles (Marina Del Rey) area. I used to see a 2002 around town. It's been a while though, maybe 6 months.

Thank you for your passion.


Marina del Rey, CA

James Feyereisen said...

May I impose on you to post a list of:

1. spare parts that you recommend we purchase.
2. Any specialized tools you would recommend we purchase. You do show one on your site.

I know the guy in India who has all the molds as he used to make Chetak parts. So if enough people need parts they can be made available.

I wonder how to determine how many 2002-2006 Chetaks or Legends are still running in the US?

James Feyereisen said...

I just did the resistor cap and plug upgrade on my 2006 Chetak.

NOTICEABLE difference!

Here's the NGK cap model:
VB05FP 8413

Stock #: NGK 5944 (Iridium)

Do NOT adjust the gap, EVEN THOUGH it is .5 wider.
Iridium plugs can use a wider gap.

The Chetak manual rec. 18 Ft. pound on the plug. I took it to 5 ft. lb. and it was very tight.

A good firm + a bit more with slight strength. It should be tight.

Thread the new rubber gasket supplied with the resistor cap, through the cut cable, before twisting on the new resister cap. Then slide over connection.

I bought my bike used. It was already running on an Iridium plug that was a different model then the above recommended plug, BUT with the stock Chetak resistor cap.

I replaced both cap and plug.



Scooter Couple said...

James, the site will stay live and live on with Bajaj-owners. I will not shut it down. I am in SF Bay Area so I am not close to you. Sorry.

For special tools, if you can score a rear tire jack that is good. Or make one via a welder. Easy.

With regards to tools, a standard metric motorcycle tool kit will do well.

Go to the Bajaj Retro Forum and also contact scooter stores, which sell Bajaj parts, and you might get enough interest in having your Indian contact make the tools for you guys.


Kurt Forum said...


Just wanted to express my thanks for the wealth of knowledge you have shared with me and other folks. I do appreciate the time and effort you have taken.

Say, what is your handle on the Retro Bajaj forum? I would like the opportunity to contact you, just in case the need arises. My handle there is 'Kurtois'.


valfrid said...

Nice post for the scooter parts..

GumbyHendrix said...

I just bought a 2002 just like your wife's w/ 1200 miles on it from a friend of a friend for $1450. I was looking @ a Buddy 179i twist n go & was eyeballing the Stella then came upon the Chetak. I am very happy so far. The "new" battery already died but I've read where there have been some regulator probs. w/ the 2002. I've already ordered some parts & accessories from Columbia Scooter in Portland - I like projects. I am very happy to have stumbled upon your blog - I am mechanically inclined but know nothing about scooters... yet. I've read the first few pages of your blog & will keep reading & learning. Thank you VERY much for taking the time to share your knowledge & exp!!!

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