Sunday, July 10, 2011

Headlight upgrade

A while back I rode my buddies P200 with the upgraded halogen headlight at night time. I could see so well. I wanted it on my Bajaj. It costs me $11 at Autozone. I also applied some bulb grease to the conductors to expand its life. I was careful not to touch the bulb at all as oils from our skin will also shorten the life of the bulb. What a difference this bulb makes in terms of our safety.

It should be noted that this bulb pulls more from your battery than the stock bulb. So make sure you ride frequently or use a float charger to protect your battery.

The bulb you want is H-4 60/55 watt halogen. While I at Autozone I also replaced a blinker light and the tail light again applying the light bulb grease.

For a list of parts or any help you need with your Bajaj visit Retro Bajaj. These guys are knowledgeable and friendly - it's a wonderful community that has been around for a while.

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