Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to replace hand lever on your scooter

It is wise to double nut or use a nylock nut after adjusting any cable on your scooter.

To adjust your throttle, clutch, or brakes you follow a similar approach with your 3rd hand tool plus a ratchet.

Note: often Vespa & Lambretta throttle cables are thicker and you need to score with a file or Dremel your 3rd hand tool so the cable can properly sit in the tool. Very easy to do.

Owning the proper thin spanners will make your clutch/gear box tune up so easy. You can bike these thin spanners online for bicycles.


Sally Insane said...

I need to rebuild the clutch on my 04 Bajaj Chetak. Can you tell me what I am going to need beside the cork clutch plates and motor gasket to get it done. I have never been into a foreign bike and need as much info as possible.

Scooter Couple said...

Sally, Jeremy here (author of blog). You can see a clutch rebuild the sister blog at I suggest buying a new clutch while you can still find them. Call Barry at sf scooter center. Save your old parts. If you replace any bearings do NOT buy Indian. Dangerous! You do not need to remove the engine only rear tire. You need corks, plates, springs, and bearing and need a clutch removal tool and compressor. Visit my Vespa blog to see a video on how to remove, rebuild, install.

Treena said...


Recently purchased a 2002 Bajaj Chetak from an older man cleaning out his garage. I had an 'at home' mechanic check it out and everything works well on it execept shifting into 1st. The 'mechanic' said he had to adjust the clutch because it was stuck, which according to his research happens when it hasn't been ridden in a while. It switches into the other gears just fine. Any thoughts?



Brittany Schell said...


I recently bought a Bajaj Chetak, and the front brake lever was cracked off. I have been calling around but can't find a replacement, do you know of any other right lever models that will fit on the Chetak? Or I still have the half that was cracked off (its just cosmetic, the brake still works), any ideas on how to repair it?


Brittany Schell said...
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