Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good bye to my 2003 Black Bajaj Chetak . . . lament

On July 20, 2011 I sold my Bajaj Chetak for $1500. Considering I paid $2800 out the door for my scooter I am not super happy with the price. I spoke with Barry G. at SF Scooter Center and he said he would sell my Chetak for $2500 and it is a great bike. The new Stella 4-Stroke sells for $4200. Bajaj sellers need to begin to raise their prices to reflect the great bike it is. $2000 for my bike in the condition it is in is fair. Currently, the economy sucks and the prices are low.

San Jose Vespa posted to Craigslist:
4 stroke 150 motor
this is a manual 4 speed scooter
clean bike, serviced and running perfectly
$1,599 + tax, title.

Here is my bike on Craigslist:

Unemployed teacher selling his noble steed.

Original and only owner. 2003 Black Bajaj Chetak. 4-stroke - no oil mixture in gas. 4-speed manual shifting. Shifter/clutch-lever is located on the left handle bar. 80 plus miles per gallon. First kick. Runs very very strong (my Bajaj mechanic told me it's the strongest Bajaj he has ever ridden). Garage stored. Registered through Spring 2012 (cost me $76 for the year). Ready to ride with no additional investment. Never dropped nor crashed. Includes rear rack, chrome legshield trim, and front fender chrome. Also included is stock plastic hub caps and the passenger handle bar for beneath the seat. Additional parts available through Barry at SF Scooter Center.
I just invested $155 in the scooter this weekend. On July 8th, 2012 I installed a brand new battery and tune-up including carb rebuild, oil change, spark plug resistor cap upgrade, new spark plug, new halogen upgrade headlight, and new tail light bulb plus blinker bulbs at just over $65. I put on brand new tires at $90.00. In my mind, I am selling my scooter for $1345.00 plus the cost of tune-up, battery, and tires at no profit -- just my cost; therefore a total of $1500.

Odo reads at 7203 miles. I recognize many of you are looking for scoots with low miles, but what people won't tell you is that when older scooters sit and are not running the oil is not cycling and reaching the seals/gaskets in the engine and therefore dry and crack resulting in a loss of engine compression and possibly creating a leaky engine. What this means to you is that the engine will need to be rebuilt. An average of 800 miles per year is not a lot of riding on my scooter.

My scooter runs an honest 55 mph and I have hit 61 mph on it. I would happily put my scooter up against any Stella 2-stroke and I know the Bajaj has less issues and is more reliable than a 2-stroke.
Serious inquires only. No low-ballers. I am offering a very fair price for the scooter considering the recent tune-up and new parts. The parts I installed and the tune-up most buyers would need to make those anyways with a used scooter they buy, but I did it for you. $1500 cash and the scooter, clear title, stock plastic hub caps and the passenger handle bar are your's.

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Where'd you get your front fender protector bars?