Monday, July 11, 2011

Scooter Rider Magazine review of Bajaj 2003

Before reading there are two things to note:
(1) There are many typos in this article that I commented about to the editor/publisher, but I was never responded to. I do race to get info up on my blogs and have limited time, but as a journalism major when it comes to print I want my words to best represent me. I assure this article did that, but was cut down and revised by the editor without my approval. For an example in the 3rd paragraph it should NOT be "Asians or Indians," but rather should be "Asian-Indians". The meaning was completely misconstrued, likely because the editor did not know that a Bajaj is Asian-Indian made.
(2) After owning two Bajaj's in our family for 9 and 8 years I can say that they have required nothing more than the normal maintenance; hence without a doubt the Bajaj Chetak is a perfect first scooter for those that love the vintage look and feel. I now own a 1962 Lambretta TV175, because the Chetak made me comfortable enough . . . .

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