Sunday, July 10, 2011

Upgrade your spark plug resistor

One of the most common things to go wrong on your Bajaj is a sputtering loss of power. Eventually, at some point, your spark plug resistor cap will go bad, so why not replace it now? It only cost $2.50. Furthermore, while you are at it, replace or upgrade your spark plug. Seriously, why do wait until we hit 10,000 miles on the odo? We're talking $5.


Resistor cap: VB05 (NGK stock replacement 120 degree bend - this is important so that it fits using your stock set-up. The 90 degree one will require you to cut away plastic from the engine cover to get a tight fit).

Spark plug upgrade: BPR7HIX/NGK5944 (NGK Iridium upgrade - your bike will idle smoother and create more power at higher RPMs with this plug. It costs $7 as opposed to $2.50 for the stock one).

Remember, when installing the spark plug resistor cap to twist the old one counter clockwise out of the wire and it will come off pretty easily. Then cut just the tip of the wire so the new spark plug resistor cap will have good contact.

Also, keep in mind you need the screw on the spark plug cap that comes with your brand new spark plug. The stock spark plug resistor from Bajaj did not use it.

Call your local motorcycle/scooter shop and ask them to order the parts. Autozone can get the spark plug, but not the cap.

For a list of parts visit RetroBajaj and you can also read discussions on why people upgraded.

I just replaced only the spark plug resistor cap and rode up a San Francisco hill and my bike was pulling/jumping in 2nd gear wanting to give me more. It runs as strong as the day I first bought it - maybe stronger. It tacked hills in 3rd gear too!

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