Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Replace 2002 Bajaj Chetak Flywheel

The 2002 model of the Bajaj Chetak has the reputation of the rivets shearing off and the flywheel hence going bad. It did on my wife's bike so I upgraded the flywheel to a 2003 one.

Facts not in slideshow:
(1) Note the difference between the 2002 and 2003. The flywheel holding tool mounts to the two holes (not threaded) on the front of the flywheel. The 2002 tool mounts to the back side of the flywheel and the 2002 flywheel does not have those two holes in front.
(2) When you remove the old flywheel count to make sure you have the correct number of broken rivets. Note that in the slideshow there is a picture with 3 rivets in front of the removed flywheel and 2 stuck to the magnet inside the flywheel for a total of 5 rivets.
(3) Make sure you line up your new flywheel to your stator (as long as you have not moved your stator, if so, you need to reset the timing - when ever removing your stator use a sharpie to make a line so you can line it exactly back up as it was) as in the slide show at 1:20. Look for the arrow and marker marks.
(4) After you install your flywheel, ride a few times. Let the engine heat up and cool down. The flywheel will settle. The use a torque wrench to tighten back down. Do not over tighten or you run the risk of braking an item or two.
(45) SF Scooter Center told me to torque to "43 ft lbs".


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