Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have done grocery shopping and even Costco runs on my scooter - no joke. My wife and I bought "clearance" aluminum racks from Target. The one photoed here is a small one and cost me $7. My wife bought a huge one, that cost her $10. Many people just use plastic crates. I wouldn't count on bungee-cords . . . rather I would hit your hardware store up and buy 4 strips of "framing" metal and some bolts, nuts, split washers, and flat washers to sandwich and lock the basket in place.

I chose use hardware that allowed to remove my basket without tools any where I went. It cost me about $10 total, but you can do it for a lot less if you wish. I tend to over do things. My basket was extremely sturdy and mounted to my rear rack on the BBQ grill.

I held everything in the basket with a bungee-cord net.

Amazon sells similar baskets for $12.


Kurt Forum said...

Any chance you could link to the baskets you found at Target on Target's website?

Scooter Couple said...

Kurt, I am sorry I don't believe Target carries these any longer, but a search online for aluminum baskets may be fruitful. Such as Amazon:

Sally Insane said...

you can order a basket for $13 online at ace hardware's website. I ordered the lage one and it fit perfectly. It looks like his.

Sally Insane said...

I'm with you on that. I bought my basket at Ace Hardware, you can find them on there website and just purchase site to store. It fit perfectly on the back of my bike rack.