Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's all about the spark

Every Bajaj owner should not only carry a spare spark plug with them at all times (they need to be replaced every 3-5K miles), but should also replace the spark plug resistor cap. Even if your bike is running great it's bad economy not to make the replacement. A spark plug resistor cap will cost you $2.50 and a pack of 4 Iridium upgrade spark plugs costs $9 or a stock spark plug for $2 from Amazon. For part numbers reference Retro Bajaj Forum's part list. Do not buy the 90 degree spark plug resistor cap. It does not fit as it should. Buy the 120 degree one.

If your scooter is sputtering or not running this is the first thing you should do. If your bike is running perfectly, you should still do this $4.50 upgrade, because at some point your stock resistor cap will go bad and it will be a bummer if it's when you are out a long epic ride in the middle of no where or in a rush to work.

Here's a quick install video.

This job will take you no longer than 10 minutes and what a difference it will make in how your scooter starts and runs.

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